Feel free to ask comments below and I’ll help you decide. This line is a good choice if you trim every time you best lawn edgers 2018 mow. Like many of the brands in this article Stihl is a very well know name that makes high-quality products.

I like to trim along cut turf edges and sidewalks, however I always had to hold my old weed eater upside down in order to do edging. This is a light duty edger, perfect for a typically kept up regular sized suburban type yard. best lawn edgers 2018 It would not be tough enough for say…acreage needing to hack down blackberries. So if you are in the market for a edger, you may consider the ones on this list. There are also many other high-quality edgers to choose from.

Now we know how harsh the elements can be to these kinds of machines. Hence, this lawn edger comes with a built-in cord retention feature that keeps the extension cord safe and secure. Finally, your purchase comes with not just the lawn edger itself but also a greeneryguide21-20nt blade. In addition to power, this lawn edger also allows you to switch from one mode to another with ease. With just a few adjustments, you can use this machine as either a lawn edger or a landscape trencher. Just like the previous product, this self-proclaimed best lawn edger was also made for power.

Demarcation is crucial for gardeners who want to keep weeds away. It allows you to mulch, apply fertilizer and control pests in targeted places. You will take long edging a large, and a shorter period for small lawns. If you want to save time on a large yard, then it only means you should buy top lawn maintenance equipment. Understand that the value of the tool you buy must be a replica of its efficiency.

Greenes Fence Half Log Edging

Key products from DeWalt and EGO have available 7.5 amp-hour batteries if you want to pay for them. Stihl (24.75Ah) and Husqvarna (26.1Ah) have backpack batteries that leave everyone else in the dust. When you’re looking at having a system of outdoor power tools on the same platform, those backpack batteries start looking very attractive.

  • For most people, sharpening the blade or replacing it will be the extent of their maintenance.
  • The VonHaus 40V Max Cordless String Trimmer/Edger has an ergonomic design, making it a good choice for prolonged use.
  • Likewise, an edge that curves or makes sharp angles will need a different lawn edging than one that runs in straight lines.
  • Wear eye and ear protection, long pants, and gloves to be safe when using it.

Aside from a motor that produces decent torque, its string head is wound with a good quality twisted .095 line–stout stuff, we learned. Rewinding that line is simplified by a crank that the company provides with the trimmer. Slip the gadget over the bump feed button on the bottom of the line head and crank it. The machine’s light weight makes it easy to handle and is achieved in part due to a carbon fiber tube that houses the drive shaft–the only trimmer so equipped.

Stihl Fsa 135 And Fsa 135 R Trimmers

We also weren’t fond of all the little pieces of string that were ejected. The other potential negative is that the Worx 20-volt battery system isn’t as widely available as some others, most notably Ryobi. Worx does have a selection of 20-volt saws, lights, and drills, among other tools, but we don’t best lawn edgers 2018 have enough experience with them to pass judgement on them as a full system. Yet as much as we value consistent battery compatibility, we think $100 for a cordless trimmer that hits all the right points is a solid value . Another impressive element of the Ego is its noise—or, rather, lack of noise.

As with any other product, you need to compare this garden edger with others to find the machine that is best suited for your needs. A comparison between the leading lawn edgers currently circulating the market would give you that exact opportunity. The Husqvarna EA850 heavy duty edger attachment is a powerful one that offers a clean edge service for both the homeowners and as well as professionals. The good thing about this tool is how quickly you can adjust the depth of the wheel. The two works like magic making sure that the “lock” for both the tools is engaged before using. A lawn edger is one of the most needed tools in home or business owner’s lawn care store house.

Using a string trimmer for 10 or 15 minutes may not seem to bother your hearing, however, the reality proves to be much different. We measured the sound pressure at 50-feet, per ANSI specs, and we also tested this at the operator’s ear as well. Also, oil was added to the 4 four-stroke models we had, to give a true representation of the weight as it would be used. The problem is that this “tearing” can cause problems with aesthetics. The bigger problem though is that torn blades are more susceptible to diseases.

best lawn edgers 2018

Doing these basic and seemingly easy tasks improperly can wreak havoc on your lawn. It is also usually done along driveways, sidewalk, and patios. Edging puts a fine “edge” in the soil level that defines a space or prevents turf from encroaching on these areas. However, proper trimming, edging, and mowing practices have a dramatic impact on how the rest of your lawn care program (fertilization, weed control, etc.) work. All the “weed and feed” in the world won’t have any impact if you’re fighting bad cultural practices. Be sure to keep your feet and hands away from the string at all times.

The Best String Trimmer

Good lawn edgers take you less time to complete the work. The best manual lawn edgers are ideal for small-scale lawn maintenance. It’s necessary to sharpen the blade, wipe off the dirt and oil the movables.

Also, some gas-powered edgers are labeled CARB-compliant, which means they can be used in California. Sometimes people can have trouble with their power tools as they purchase a tool that is not suited for their garden. You can use a lawn edger for keeping your pathways and driveway neatly trimmed after you have just freshly mowed the lawn. Our top pick for the best lawn edger is the WORX WG170 GT Revolution Grass Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower. Hopefully with what you’ve learned today, you too can have the perfect, pristine edge along your grass that you’ve always wanted!

Because it’s entirely possible for the battery to empty out during use, we wanted a tool with the shortest possible charge time, minimizing downtime. If you have only minimal trimming needs, we like the Worx WG170.2 GT Revolution 20V PowerShare String Trimmer and Edger. It’s much smaller than the Ego ST1511T and nowhere near as powerful, but it’s great on grass. And it has some ergonomic adjustments not found on competing models that make it comfortable for people with various body types. This model comes with a small set of wheels, which adjust to convert the trimmer into an edger and even a very small mini-mower. And it’s priced in the middle range of what similar models cost.

Best Lawn Edging

They did a great job of creating a line that has the feel of professional level and offering battery options to raise the Pro’s eyebrows. Kitted with either a 4.0 or 6.0 amp hour battery, DeWalt is starting to get some attention from commercial crews. We’d like to see the weight and vibration come down more as they work to make the commercial team. Two-speed modes and 0.080-inch or 0.095-inch line capability make this an excellent option for the prosumer. The updated DeWalt FlexVolt string trimmer now offers more power for less money. Kobalt partnered with Greenworks at the top of the voltage charts.

The longer the blade, the less time it will take to edge your lawn. However, longer blades tend to only be available in more expensive models. If you have a small yard, it may not be worth the extra cost.

Sneeboer Edger

The hand-operated edgers are the best to use on your home’s sidewalks and the garden around your house. In this article, we have dedicated section about the top manual lawn edgers. Maintaining a garden – especially your homestead’s yard- requires have the correct tools. A lawn edger will ensure that the grass doesn’t grow in areas that it ideally shouldn’t. For instance, you can mow it when it starts invading the pathways. Further, you will need to set the boundaries between the flowerbeds and lawns.

Husqvarna clearly went after the professional lawn crew with their Battery Series of products. With a 26.1 amp hour battery backpack available, you won’t find better battery capacity anywhere. Additionally, the backpack design means you can swap from the Husqvarna 536LiLXP to any of the other battery-powered tools without taking it off. Simply unlock the adapter from the battery compartment and lock it into the next tool on your list. While the FSA 90 R isn’t blade-compatible like Husqvarna’s 536LiLX, it can handle several Stihl Commercial Trimmer Heads, getting the line diameter up to 0.130″.

Author: Kay Burton